A bit about me.

Hello! I'm Kristen Bryant, a UX | UI Designer with a Bachelor's Degree in Interactive and Graphic Design and a passion for overcoming challenges and finding solutions that help others by creating intuitive, exciting, human-centered, and accessible design.

While studying Interactive and Graphic Design at Millersville University, I became well versed in many areas of design such as Branding and Identity, Motion Design, Package Design, Illustrating, and many others. However, I found myself really enjoying my courses in UX and UI because they were finally fulfilling my passion of helping others and learning how to create experiences that are accessible and enjoyable to every user. It's exciting to solve problems and have the power to influence, inspire, and empower others through design.

My studies and my real-world experiences have given me a keen sense of finding user's needs, building empathy, articulating stories through visuals, user flows, and providing elegant final products. I know how to take a user-centered approach without losing sight of business goals. I work efficiently, I am a team-player, and I am comfortable with challenges.

While I'm not furthering my knowledge in UI | UX, you can find me streaming on Twitch or playing video games (Valorant/Breath of the Wild/Animal Crossing all fantastic). If I'm not there I'm likely eating food because food is fantastic and one of the simple pleasures of life.

Work examples.

Some examples of past projects.


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