PersonaTask - App Concept

Personatask is an app concept based off task managing apps, while also improving areas where these types of apps have fallen short in the past. I personally experienced some issues with task management apps; I would find myself sometimes going to the store and forgetting something important, driving past a building I had to drop some stuff off at, or just forgetting to check into the app and missing assignments. I used these experiences to create a new task manager based on reminding you to check back in at customizable intervals, alerting you when in the range of a specific to do's location, rating priorities to help you better focus, and keeping motivation.

Languages and Software
Adobe XD / Invision / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop
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The Challenge

The purpose of designing this app concept was to solve a problem that people face in their day to day lives. A challenge of creating this app was thinking of ways to set this task manager app apart from the many other task managing apps. A crucial part of helping the app stand out was the customization and allowing the app to mold to user needs. In addition, an important part of the app was creating motivation for use. Other components include users seeing positives, and keeping streaks to not missing tasks. People need a hit of dopamine, and I think creating that reward motivating system would do just that, but knowing how to do that effectively was a challenge. The images of the sketches below showcase wireframes, a flowchart, and branding ideation, which are all vital in creating a solid user interface.

The Design Process

The focus during this creation of this app concept was designing a simple, yet unique, user interface. After identifying the problem that needed to be solved, the first step before designing was creating the app name and logo. Having a name helped to narrow down the most important parts of the app. You want your logo to stand out but also users to get an idea of what the app does when seen in the app store. A brainstorming session revolving around words based on customization, and the user went on for about twenty minutes. After deciding the name, another brainstorming session of about 50 thumbnails of logos were created, and then the best one was chosen based on the goals of the app. After having this basic idea of what the app is meant to accomplish, it was time to start designing lo-fi wireframes to get an understanding of a basic layout for the apps core functions. From there, create high-fi wireframes to understand the core functions, button layouts, drop-downs, etc. better before creating a style tile, and moving to Adobe XD to get a fully designed interface, so prototyping in Invision can begin. Invision was vital in the testing process to locate the place users are having confusion, and taking these findings back into Adobe XD to update the final design of the app.