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Client brief.

After conducting a survey with 30 participants, I found that roughly 75% of participants forget to look at their to do lists and of that 75%, roughly 50% of participants set alarms to remind themselves to look at their tasks. Personatask is a task management app concept I created in an effort to improve areas where other task management apps might fall short for the neurodivergent user. Being neurodivergent myself with ADHD, I was really inspired to work on some concepts that could help with daily tasks, and thus, Personatask was born. Personatask is customizable based off of the user's needs by allowing the users to set customizable time intervals. The app also has location based alerts that remind the individual of tasks they have to complete at the specific area they are near. For example, if the individual was nearing a grocery store, the app would notify the user that they were in need of milk. Lastly, Personatask allows the user to rate priority incase a task needs to get done and reminds them throughout the day so it is not forgotten.

Project presentation.


The first step for creating the app was to layout a flowchart to get an idea of how the app might flow in terms of usability and what objectives need to be completed as the user goes through the app. Currently, the flowchart shows tasks as the main screen and then the user can add tasks, locations, view statistics, customize settings for the alarms, as well as add Siri and apple watch integration.

Wireframe Sketches

After creating a flowchart, I went straight into wireframe sketches. Mainly, I wanted to layout the important parts of the app and see how it could work with all the information while still keeping it simplistic so users wouldn't get overwhelmed when looking at the app or how it's actions would work.

50 Logo Thumbnails

Before moving on to the low fidelity stage, I created 50 logos for Personatask. With these 50 logos, I had a small group of five people rate which logos they found to be most effective and interesting. From there, I moved onto vectorizing the logo for use in the high fidelity stage and moved onto creating low fidelity sketches.

Low Fidelity Sketches

Personatask has many customizable options so making sure all the information is included on the wireframes was very important. The layouts were also meant to be as simple as possible for the users so they could complete and check off tasks, delete tasks, and add tasks quickly and easily.

High Fidelity Mockup

Personatask's high fidelity mockups were created in the program Adobe XD and Prototyped using Invision App. The mockup seen above displays the main parts of the app and how it would look. Mockups were created using Adobe Photoshop and logos were created in Adobe Illustrator. A link to the clickthrough prototype will be provided.



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