Fresh Fruit - Self Authorship

Fresh Fruit is a name I go by on the streaming platform Twitch. Streaming is something I have always loved to do because it can help me bring change to a person's life. Every time I stream, I have the chance to encourage someone, be there to listen if they need it, and make people smile. One of my passions in life is helping others, and I enjoy being able to be goofy, make people laugh, and help them through things. That is why, for my self-authorship, I wanted to create a collectors edition merch box for my streaming brand and combine it with my love for things like Star Wars. I think this helped to describe me best.

Languages and Software
Procreate / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop
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The Challenge

My self-authorship shows that I have skills in other areas of design and to portray a bit of my personality through my work. I mainly work on more of the interactive side of design in UI/UX and motion design, but I also have skills in the print side of it. These skills include things like packaging, product design, and illustration. Working with print design is a nice break from interactive design because it requires you to work more with your hands to make prototypes, print shirts, make pins, etc. A challenge I faced during this process was due to quarantine from Covid-19. I no longer had access to the equipment to create some aspects of this project, but I hope to come back to it in the future and finish the designs up for real. For now, the products I created are just mockups that you can see below!