Mariachi Band - Animated GIF

I designed this mariachi band to display on social media. I had just recently started an instagram to share my work, and I thought it would be good to show a different side of my illustration style. I usually create many flat graphics, but this specific piece was created from pen an paper, and then I added further detail digitally. This piece also showed my love for animation, as it is an animated gif. This piece now lives on my Instagram, and they will forever be rocking out there.

Languages and Software
Procreate / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe After Effects
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The Challenge

I designed this project as a self-promotion piece. I choose this idea because it showcased my various illustration styles and also animation. I wrote a proposal for my design and laid out a timeline for all of the due dates, so I knew what I had to do before I had to post it on social media. The proposal helped me keep on track and understand what I needed to accomplish. I hit a few snags when getting to the animation portion since it's one of my first times creating a gif. The way elements were layered made it hard to move specific parts, but seeing this helped me go back into the illustration and fix the layering properly for the animation process.

The Design Process

Experimenting with my illustration style and improving my skills is something I strive to work on daily. This project was rather simple in terms of animating, but the illustrations took a good couple of hours, and even the sketching took awhile. Creating the proposal at the beginning helped me make sure that I had no doubt the direction I had to go in, and the time it needed to be done. I started off creating sketches to help layout the base character, a few instruments, musical notes, other facial expressions, etc. After I had those, I took it into procreate on my iPad and uploaded my sketches to the program, so I could start inking over them. However, before going deeper into the illustration, I tried to focus on the layers I would need to separate for animation later on. Then I could begin the full design. Once I completed the design, I took it into after effects, fixed any layering issues, and rigged up the characters to give them movement. I exported as an MP4 and then used the app Giphy to turn it into a working gif.