How to be More Pirate - Motion Design

Sam Conniff Allende, Founder and former CEO of award-winning marketing agency Livity, shares his perception of a new generation of ‘pirates’ and the refusal to conform to an outdated societal system. A positive reflection on young people, it argues that this generation has a better understanding of the changes required to break the mold than any other before. The motion design I created using after effects, is a visual representation of his talk, where he discussed this perception in an RSA event.

Languages and Software
Adobe After Effects / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Audition
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The Challenge

RSA Student Design Awards held a competition where the design brief was to create a motion piece for one of their two audios provided. I choose "How to Be More Pirate" as my design brief. This project is one of the first in-depth motion design pieces I created, and I hadn't yet got into character rigging, so making the characters show more emotion and interaction was a struggle, but with creativity and problem solving, I worked it out. Another challenge I face was understanding 3D space within a motion piece. I used it a lot within this piece to create a popup book effect, and within a few other elements like when the city turned into a piggy bank. Below are a few images showcasing some of the illustrations done, like backgrounds and characters, and the storyboarding process.

The Design Process

The design brief only gave you an excerpt from his speech for the motion design. However, one of the benefits of having the audio is that you can break down the sentences and create the storyboard based on what is within each sentence. Which is precisely the process I used to start this project. I broke down each sentence and illustrated a quick sketch of what was in my head when I heard it. Using the storyboard, I was able to start creating my backgrounds, characters, and objects in illustrator and getting them ready to be imported into Adobe After Effects. Once I added all my Illustrations to Adobe After Effects, I did a bit of organization within layers and compositions, so I didn't get confused, and I got to work animating the characters and other visuals to resemble the original vision from the storyboard as closely as possible. A few things did get changed from the storyboard to portray better what the speaker was trying to tell the audience listening.